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At Medical Lab Technician, we have a mission of providing leading diagnostic services for our clients, whether private or public services. We are dedicated to providing medical practitioners with incontestably accurate results from a long list of clinical laboratory tests which are carried out by experts in their respective fields. Our laboratory is located in the area, and you can contact us to book an appointment on the form below.

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Our laboratory facilities are modern and comply with health and safety standards. We are always dedicated to providing you with unparalleled service. So whether you are a healthcare provider or a patient, we evaluate your testing needs individually. We always ensure proper result storage, so rest assured that you will always get your result and not someone else's. Our team ensure that they provide you with the results of your tests as quickly as possible, so there are no delays.

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We understand what patient's right to privacy means, and we duly respect that. For this reason, we strictly comply with rules and regulations regarding patient's confidentiality. We ensure that patients' medical information is only shared with appropriate medical professionals and the results coming from our patients is strictly for them. We are dedicated to making sure all tests being carried out in the laboratory are accurate and true. Our office is open for you in case you need a diagnostic test.


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